An Endless Turning Point

I remember a few years back when my entire sixth-grade class watched the inspirational football movie, Rudy, where an nonathletic boy works his way to playing on the Notre Dame football team. Partway through the movie, Rudy’s closest friend dies, sparking Rudy’s famous turning point. From that point, he decides to go back and train constantly to make it onto Notre Dame’s football team. As a class, we analyzed this turning point in him, where he immediately obtained a higher level of ambition and determination.

Then, we were asked to examine our own turning points, and if we have had one.

My mistake was that from then on, I counted on turning points, not myself, to immensely correct my mistakes. Each time I failed, I imagined my own Rudy moment, where I would labor non-stop to become the best person possible. I was wrong.

A person who sits idly, waiting for their turning point will never succeed. A turning point is more often like a sunrise than a lighting strike. A constant effort can leave a lasting habit, which can be easily lost if handled carelessly. Any perfect record can be ruined by a simple flaw, and no instant turning point is long lasting. After all, the best turning point is never having a turning back point.


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