A Treasure Stumbled Upon

The treasure of greatest value is stumbled upon, not thrust into your arms.

I feel that people are much like a complex treasure chest, holding wealth in character and talent. Namely, every person has something good to offer, but one can make a small thing seem great if they present their treasures correctly.

If you have not picked up what putting down yet, I’m speaking of the great impact humility can have on your general appearance to others.

Someone once told me, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” I have a friend who is extremely talented – he’s a varsity swimmer, a piano prodigy, and a great singer, yet people rarely treat him like such a legend. Why? It gets to his head. My friend is a good person who can do great things, but when he gets a chance, he talks about himself, and he seems that he’s rather in love with himself. In a world where everyone has hopes of being something great, hardly anyone wants to encourage someone who already has, but won’t stop reminding the world about it. He would be much more popular if his many hard-earned talents were discovered and not force-fed.

This brings me to my second point, which my mother reminded me when I began to grow a little too cocky. She told me that personal greatness diminishes with advertising. A perfect example comes from my life, as I am a rather large fan of comedy. For a period of my life, I was so excited by the idea that people like my humor that I’d either repeat the joke multiple times, or keep telling jokes until my humor went dry, as well as their entertainment. Similarly, I feel the best kept secret is a developed talent or characteristic, and the best earned talent is not letting the secret out.

Now, people shouldn’t hide the fruits of their labor from the world, but neither should they be sanctimonious about it. For, from that comes pride, which can cause the fall of even the greatest men.


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