To All My Zero Fans Out There

To all my zero fans out there, I want to thank you for the great support you have given me. You have made me who I am.

First, you have kept me from becoming too prideful, now I never have to worry about thinking I’m awesome again. Well, I actually have had 3 visitors to my site, so despite my blog’s popularity, I have fought the fight to keep humble, and I want to thank all you who don’t know I exist for supporting me so dearly.

Thank you, my zero fans, for also helping me feel like a nice guy. I have made a grueling effort to know everyone who knows of me, and so far I’m 1 for 1. I’m goin’ places, because I care, deeply. (Don’t worry, Josiah, I haven’t forgotten you).

Also, my nonexistent fans, thank you helping me deal with myself in learning to be hopeful. I remember the second day of the creation of my blog, where my stats were booming; they reported over 30 views already, and I hadn’t even been advertising. That was  a good day, but it’s going to get harder, especially since I’ve decided to stop spamming the reload button when I’m logged out. After all, there is no substitute for loneliness, other than ice cream.

Thanks for everything you do.



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