Happiness and Smashing Things

Never have I been stressed, frustrated, and annoyed, and not had the inclination to punch something. However, after much experience with punching chairs and walls and hurting my hand, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth my anger to so deeply hurt my hand. (Please understand I am rarely compelled to do this). I can’t imagine how terrible my hand would feel if I used it every time I felt such rage, so I’ve come to a healthy conclusions.

I now occasionally attend therapy called ‘Sledgie Time’.

To those of you who are unfortunate enough to never have heard of this, it is simple. ‘Sledgie Time’ is a special one on one interaction between me and my sledgehammer. We make great pals.

In this special meeting, held in my backyard, we agree on some healthy options for stress-relief. At first, much like you, I was uncertain of the value of these meetings, until my sledgehammer raised a compelling argument. He said, or more-likely implied (given the angle at which he was tilted against the wall), that like pain, our meetings were necessary to free myself of anger. Some say that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Similarly, Smashing is just weakness leaving the body. Only this time, it’s a win-win.

More often than not, our therapy sessions include many guests, such as wooden boxes, scrap metal, and a personal favorite – watermelon and other fruits. I highly recommend such therapy, as I leave feeling satisfied. I no longer feel powerless to my stress, as I feel more powerful the instant I grasp the handle of the wise Mr. Sledgie.


Disclaimer: I am not insane, or serious for that matter, and I will not take responsibility for injuries that follow. You have been warned.


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